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Desktop Virtualization on FlexPod

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is being widely deployed in Data Centers by IT managers to centralize employee desktops, applications and data. Most VDI solutions today run in a virtualized data center environment to further improve the manageability and security derived from consolidating hundreds and thousands of desktops to run on a few powerful servers. In this important half day seminar, you will learn the reasons behind this wave of IT innovation and the benefits of deploying VDI in this environment.

You will explore the most important VDI topics including:

  • Why should enterprises simplify and streamline desktop operations with fewer servers and cables?
  • How do enterprises alleviate concerns about security?
  • What is the value in guaranteeing performance to end users, even as that community keeps growing?
  • How does Cisco UCS solve common VDI problems and deliver performance to power users
  • How is VDI cost justified?


Prior to attending, you should have a basic understanding of data center technologies and solutions.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this seminar is business decision makers and technical professionals who require an understanding of the benefits and value of implementing a desktop virtualization environment in an enterprise network environment.


In this half day seminar, you will learn to:

  • Describe the FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Family
  • Explain the value of the FlexPod desktop virtualization solution
  • Describe the benefits of Cisco UCS and a Unified Fabric with a simplified virtualized infrastructure
  • Understand why Cisco UCS is the ideal platform for Desktop Virtualization
  • Describe the B-Series and C-Series servers within the Cisco UCS family
  • Understand how Intel Xeon Processor families provide performance and availability
  • Describe NetApp FAS family of storage controllers as an integral part of FlexPod
  • Understand how Clustered Data ONTAP provides storage scalability and availability
  • Explain the value of VMware View Horizon built on FlexPod
  • Describe the Horizon View Architecture
  • Identify common VDI performance problems and how to solve them
  • Understand how Cisco UCS can deliver improved performance for VDI power users

1: FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Family

  • Evolution of Silo-based Architectures
  • FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Family
  • Cisco CVDs and NetApp NVA design and deployment documents
  • Unified Management and Orchestration
  • FlexPod Cooperative Support

2: Cisco Unified Computing System

  • Unified Fabric
  • Fabric Extender, Adapter-FEX and VM-FEX
  • Embedded System Management
  • Agile Server Provisioning and Operations
  • Rack Server Integration
  • Cisco UCS Mini
  • Cisco UCS B-Series and C-Series server portfolio
  • Intel Xeon Processor Families in Cisco UCS
  • Intel Machine-Check Architecture Recovery

3: NetApp Storage Solutions

  • Clustered Data ONTAP
  • NetApp FAS System Highlights
  • NetApp Storage Efficiency
  • Hybrid Arrays for NetApp FAS
  • Data Protection and High Availability

4: VMware View Horizon built on FlexPod

  • VMware View Horizon Suite
  • Horizon View Architecture
  • Horizon View Clients
  • Horizon View Manager
  • Horizon View Composer
  • View Storage Accelerator
  • PCoIP Display Protocol

5: Solving VDI Pain Points

  • Typical VDI Deployment Problems
  • Dealing with I/O Storms
  • NetApp Storage Optimization for VDI
  • Cisco UCS PCIe Flash Memory Options
  • Improving power user performance with NVIDIA Grid GPUs
  • Improving WAN Performance with Cisco WAAS
  • Improving Video and Voice with Cisco Jabber and Cisco VXME


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