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Organizations and service providers are migrating to virtualized data center architectures that support rapid, on-demand provisioning of computing and storage resources, while reducing both capital and operating expenditures. FlexPod is a scalable solution that supports public and private cloud environments using standardized, industry leading components. This seminar program will provide users with the features and enhancements when leveraging FlexPod for VMware NetApp Cluster Mode deployments. Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will understand how the FlexPod reference architecture streamlines the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure by providing a pre-validated solution based on carefully selected, next-generation, virtualized data center hardware. Attendees will explore the business and technical advantages of a FlexPod solution and understand new deployment options, as well as migration strategies for existing production environments.


Seminar attendees should have a basic understanding of virtualized data center architectures, computing, storage resources, and networking.

Who should attend

This seminar will appeal to IT decision makers as well as network architects and system administrators who are seeking to leverage the benefits and features of the FlexPod for VMware Cluster Mode validated design.


Upon completing of this seminar, attendees will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Understand FlexPod components and architecture
  • Identify the benefits and enhancements of NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster Mode over 7-Mode storage solutions
  • Describe the NetApp Cluster Mode architecture and management utilities
  • Leverage FlexPod Case Studies to formulate planning and design options for their supported organizations
  • Experience the FlexPod for VMware NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster Mode architecture through practical test drive exercises

Part 1: FlexPod for VMware Cluster Mode Architecture (1/2 day presentation) The architecture components are presented to highlight the added benefits of deploying NetApp Cluster Mode as an enhancement to 7-Mode operation. This will include an overview of Cluster Mode components and specific use cases, as well as customer case studies.

  • FlexPod for VMware Cluster Mode Architecture
    • Cisco Validated Design (CVD)
    • NetApp Verified Architecture (NVA)
    • FlexPod Scalability
  • NetApp Cluster Mode vs. 7-Mode Data ONTAP Comparison
  • Cluster-Mode Architecture Components and Use Cases
    • Secure Multi-Tenancy
    • VMware Virtual Desktop (VDI)
    • VMware vSphere
    • Microsoft Private Cloud
    • Mixed Workloads
  • FlexPod for VMware Cluster Mode Customer Case Studies
    • Morgan County Schools
    • LexisNexis
    • CiscoIT
    • Kelly Blue Book (KBB)

Part 2: NetApp Data ONTAP Clustered-Mode Test Drive (1/2 day lab exercises) Attendees will perform lab exercises that provide basic discovery of the Cluster-Mode architecture components, utilize management tools and understand the recommended configuration process for successful deployment.

  • Perform Basic Discovery of Cluster Mode Components
    • Network Interfaces
    • Management Parameters
    • Security Settings
  • Utilize Management Tools
    • Cluster Mode Command Line
    • NetApp On-Command System Manager
    • Cisco UCS Director
  • Review the Cluster Mode Configuration Process
    • Setup of Basic System Parameters
    • Enabling Remote Management
    • Creating vServers
    • Creating Aggregates, RAID Groups, Volumes


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