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BYOD Solutions Workshop

The “Bring Your Own Device” era has begun. Corporations and their users are leveraging powerful smart phones, tablets and laptops to increase productivity and business agility. This is a great opportunity for companies, making users more productive wherever they are and on whatever device they are carrying. With a growing number of devices and scenarios, however, comes greater IT complexity. If IT does not have a strong game plan, BYOD becomes more of a problem and threat than an opportunity.

This timely one-day seminar helps you understand the benefits and value of an end-to-end BYOD solution that addresses today’s urgent needs and helps enterprises plan for tomorrow’s requirements. You will explore how multiple vendors’ products are integrated to produce a comprehensive solution including wired, wireless, policy, security, Mobile Device Management and Certificate Services. You will learn benefits of a flexible and scalable solution that allows IT to manage an increasing number of users and devices. Also, you will learn how Virtual Desktop technology can be a compelling addition to your BYOD approach.

This seminar leverages Cisco products for wireless mobility, policy enforcement and total network visibility. Third party solutions are used for Mobile Device Management.

Additionally, this seminar will explore:

  • The key decision points regarding what devices an enterprise can allow versus what an enterprise SHOULD allow
  • How the design of IT services can simplify wired and wireless device management
  • The key factors that impact overall performance for BYOD customers

Who should attend

The primary audience for this seminar is business decision makers and technical professionals who need to understand the benefits and value of BYOD in enterprise networks.


In this intensive one-day seminar, you will learn to:

  • Describe common BYOD use cases
  • Explain the value of Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Describe application control and assurance
  • Understand the key components of designing for BYOD
  • Compare and contrast industry-validated BYOD solutions
  • Deploy a BYOD solution via hands-on labs (in the 2nd half of the seminar)

1. Understanding the BYOD Phenomenon
  • Trends and Business Drivers behind BYOD
  • The benefits of BYOD
  • The BYOD Adoption Spectrum
  • How BYOD affects the IT Department
2: The components of a BYOD Solution
  • The Next Generation Workspace
  • Designing the Wired and Wireless Network to support BYOD
  • Policies for securing the BYOD environment
  • IT Infrastructure, Device and User Management in the BYOD era
  • Enabling Applications in the BYOD era
3: BYOD Use Cases
  • BYOD for Healthcare providers: creating a better patient experience
  • BYOD for government and academia
  • Virtual Desktop for BYOD
  • Secure Remote Access for BYOD
  • BYOD User and Device Tracking
  • Dealing with Lost or Stolen Devices
Hands-on Labs

During the afternoon session, you will participate in building and configuring a BYOD environment for multiple use cases. You will “on-board” BYOD devices, apply policy, integrate and leverage MDM and look at multiple policy scenarios. You will explore how the BYOD solution controls and enables the user experience. Finally, will set up a Guest Server, on-board multiple devices, optimize for a video-rich collaboration application experience on a BYOD device and wipe a BYOD device via MDM.


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